I’m a VENDOR from the dark market #ALPHA BAY,DREAM MARKET,SILK ROAD AND MANY MORE. I came to see that most customers were finding difficulties in getting into DM.So no need suffering anymore, come on my site and place your order for such beautiful strains below.

*Gorilla Glue kush Grade::::::A+++ Top shelf
*Girls Scout Cookies kush Grade:::::A++ Top shelf
*Sour OG Kush Grade:::::::: A++ Top Shelf
*Bluecheese Grade::::::::A
*Blueberry Widow::::::::A++ top shelf
*Gelato #44::::::: A+++ Top shelf
*Cali Orange Bud (C.O.B.):Grade::::::::A++
*Super Silver Haze:Grade::::::::A+
*White Rhino:Grade:::::::: A+
*White Widow:Grade::::::: A+
*Pineapple Express Grade::::::: A+++++
*Blueberry Grade:::::::A+
*Lemon Haze Grade:::::::A++
and many more in stock…
1/2lb FOR $750
1lb FOR $1500
2lbs for $3000
3lbs For $4500
4lbs for $6000
5lbs for $7000